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Ok kids, this community is being re-opened.
All previous entries have been deleted, and all previous memebers are welcome to re-apply.

First ten are auto accepted as long as i ok it.

Remember, this is a rating community.
Members are encouraged to be bitchy.
You will be rated on looks
as well as your application...
just to make sure you are literate.


Rules for Applicants:
1.) Dont fuck with the mod, or other members. You will be sorry.
2.) Put "mmm irish" in the subject line
3.) Put EVERYTHING under an LJ Cut
- No teasers or anything like that. EVERYTHING under a cut
4.) Read number 3 again.
5.) Do Not TypE Lyek Diss. Please. Spare us.
6.) First ten on you are auto-accepted, but still must fill out an app.
7.) Do not post on any post other than yours unless you are stamped.

Rules for Members:
1.) Stay active
2.) Put your stamp in your user info
3.) Participate in weekly themes and other events
4.) No Community whoreing!!!!
- UNLESS: You provide a direct link to where you promoted us. Other wise you are warned and then banned.
5.) Be bitchy.


You MUST bold the questions.

- Basic -
Realtionship Status:
Post a picture of him/her:

- Favorite -
5 Bands:
4 Movies:
3 Books:
2 Things about yourself:
1 thing to do to relax:

- Opinions - (pick 3)
Death Penalty:
The War in Iraq:
Straight Edge:
Gay Marriage:

- Random -
What you like/dislike about yourself:
If you could change one thing about society, what would it be?:
If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?:

You do not have to promote.
Just put the promo stamp
into your user info.

And post 4 or more clear shots of yourself (at least one body), and one 150 x 150 for the info page


m0d/maintainer - brandilion4